Electric Longboard




  • Independent system development
  • Unlike standard trucks where the wheels are bound to each other through the hanger. All the wheels are able to travel independently from each other.
  • This system provides significant shock absorption allowing for a buttery smooth ride on all but the roughest terrain.
  • The suspension will also help ensure that all 4 wheels are always touching the ground to provide maximum traction to the rider at all times.


  • The board sits at 19 inches wide, which is wider than many mountainboards.
  • The wide stance of the board provides additional stability when riding off road


  • 10-inch knobbies
  • These are larger than most tires on the mountainboard
  • The rider will be able to easily roll over most obstacles.


  • 6382w motors with planetary gear drives x 4
  • Bigger motors = more torque.
  • 4-wheel drives = more traction and torque
  • Gear drives allow for better power transfer compared to belts.


  • Range: 40-50 km | 25-30 miles (Rider: 65kg)
  • Max speed: 45-50 km/h | 27-30 mph
  • Incline: 47%-55% Gradient
  • Dimension: 46in x 19in x 12in
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Rider weight limit: 330 lbs.
  • Charge time: 4-6 hrs. (with 5amp charger)
  • Light: Head light, taillight
  • Remote: Remote with screen
  • Wheel size: 10'' wheels
  • Deck: 9-layer maple + 2-layer fiber glass
  • Waterproof rating: IP56


  • Unique Suspension System
  • Drive: All-Wheel Drive
  • Battery: 12S5P 960Wh
  • 6382 Motor: 3050 Watts x 4, total is 12200 Watts
  • Drivetrain: Planetary Gear Drive
  • ESC: 55A x 2
  • Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 22% of battery)


  • M24 PRO electric skateboard
  • Screen remote
  • Standard charger
  • Ecomobl Bag
  • Tools
  • Instruction manual